Personal Training Services


Virtual health and nutrition coaching per day R 10.00
Consultation   R 225.00
Personal training session per person, per hour R 310.00
Personal exercise program   R 620.00
Yoga class per class R 500.00

The Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Programme is for personal trainers who are looking to complete their practical hours in order to complete their qualification as personal trainers. Learn how to screen new clients, set realistic fitness goals, design fitness programs and so much more.

Stability Ball Training

A stability ball is an exercise ball that allows you to activate your deeper abdominal muscles that provides internal stability for the body. These internal abdominal muscles also provide support for the body’s internal organs, and also contributes to the ability to achieve the ‘flat stomach’. Recent research has shown that the “Transverse Abdominus” (a deep internal muscle) is the primary stabilizer for the “Lumbar Spine” (lower back), and therefore assists in supporting the lower back.

So whether you are aiming to improve your abdominal strength, strengthen your lower back or improve your overall strength, stability ball training is the best training for you.

Bosu Training

A bosu is an exercise ball that is used for functional balance training. The bosu balance trainer is a truly unique balance and core stability training device that can be integrated with all types of fitness training or can even stand alone as an outstanding functional conditioning tool.

The bosu can be used for or with:
Sports conditioning, Aerobic and Anaerobic Training, Strength or stability and flexibility training for the entire body.

Weight Training

Weight training is exercising using weights as a form of resistance. The benefits of weight training is another reason for its recent growth in popularity: With muscle-building potential, nothing can help build, shape, and even sculpt the human body like weight training. Weight training can help to reduce overall body fat better than any other activity this side of liposuction. Weight training also provides several health benefits that cardiorespiratory exercises, alone, cannot.


Yoga is stilling the mind using different postures. Achieving the goal of stilling the mind is a tall order, therefore, practices have been developed that allow you to move towards this state. While the human mind tends to drift off onto thoughts of the past or future, the human body exists only in the present moment. Yoga emphasizes strenuous and persistent effort, that encourages awareness of the body. Coming back to your body draws your mind back to the present. Each time you come to the present moment, you drop a certain amount of baggage. You may pick it up again shortly thereafter, but the point is that you have practiced letting it go. Eventually you will be able to reduce the stress more often and for longer periods of time.

Chair Fitness Training

Chair fitness training is training using just a normal seating chair as a fitness tool. I have taken a chair and designed strength and mobility exercises that can be done using it. So whether you want to improve you strength or your flexibility you can do it just using a chair. No more excuses about not having time to get to gym or no money for purchasing exercise equipment.

Body Weight Training

Own body weight training is exercising without any equipment and just using your body as a form of resistance. Own body weight training is one of the best styles of training because it gives a person the ability to handle their body. Own body weight training can be used for weight loss, strength and even sport specific training. Use this style of training when you go away on holiday.

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