Let me start by saying I feel very fortunate to have Sizwe as my personal trainer. I could not have chosen a better trainer. Sizwe is very good in what he does and with his advice on what to eat and how to train. Training with Sizwe is very rewarding. I feel like a million dollars after a training session with Sizwe. He takes his job very seriously. Every session is different. I've learnt a lot. He has a great personality, built extremely well, and he takes great interest in his clients and he has become a friend to me. Sharon

I have been training with Sizwe for just over a year and have noticed a huge difference in my physique, energy levels and stress levels. He is a motivational trainer who is dedicated to his clients. The training sessions are varied, challenging and push you to the limit. I recommend Sizwe as a personal trainer due to his experience, great personality and ability to work wonders! Leigh

I have been training with Sizwe Gumede during my pregnancy and for a couple of months now since giving birth. His exercise routines are easy to follow and never boring, which keeps me motivated. The yoga classes are relaxing and enjoyable. My body is starting to show the benefits of regular exercise and I feel healthier than ever. Sizwe is a fantastic trainer who inspires one to push oneself a little bit further every time. Karin

Sizwe is good at motivating the class and has a good engery about him. He always gives us tips on how to eat healthy. When departing from his classes, you definitely feel like you have had a good work out. When looking back at myself before starting classes with him, and comparing it with myself today, I have seen a positive change in my body, which makes me feel good about myself. Andrea

I work as a personal trainer at Vodaworld Virgin Active. I am where I am because of Sizwe's assistance, he helped me with business plan, marketing etc. When I first started as a personal trainer I managed to get 12 clients, wow that's amazing 12 clients in first month I couldn't believe it. I achieved all that because of Sizwe Gumede, I implemented all the strategies he taught me. A Big Thank you to you Mr Gumede today I am one of the successful personal trainers at Virgin active because of you. Yongama Vabaza

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30kgs Down, 5kgs to Go